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About Us

  There are currently 10 attending physicians, 7 dermatology residents (first year to fourth year residents), 2 nurse practitioners, 4 medical technicians, 2 administrative assistants (25 full-time staff as of 109/6/1), in the Dermatology Department of the National Cheng Kung University hospital (NCKUH). The staff members and 7 adjunct attending physicians are responsible for the patients’ diagnosis and treatment as well as the teaching, research and administration of the Dermatology Department. We provide outpatient, inpatient (with a capacity of 5 dermatology beds in ward 11B), and emergency services. Outpatient service is available on every weekday.
  We are also responsible for elective dermatology rotations for medical graduates in their post-graduate year in NCKUH, and regular clerkship and internship programs for NCKU medical students. Such training opportunities are available to domestic medical students from NTU, CMU, CSMU, KMU, TCU, MMC and foreign medical students. Residents in family medicine, plastic surgery, occupational medicine, geriatrics, and infectious diseases, from this and other hospitals, also do rotations here.